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Sunday, March 11, 2007


This week's Dallas Voice has an article about Buck Massey, the SDEC member and Stonewall Democrats national, state, and local board member, who died suddenly last week. You can find it at this page.


Dallas DA Featured In Washington Post
Dallas DA Admits Wrongdoing (by his predecessors)

Your DNA Is Mine, Little Girl
Police Sent to All Texas Youth Prisons
Why Did It Take Perry So Long To Act?
Raping kids. Just another day at the office. at the TYC

States may force megaprimary, winnow the 2008 field early
Dems Dump FOX: Obama Comments "Went Too Far"

Department of Injustice By Paul Krugman
The Political Profiling of Elected Democratic Officials
Rove was asked to fire U.S. attorney

Libby's guilty verdict: Media myths and falsehoods to watch for
The Problem With Pardoning Libby
Cheney's Fall From Grace
Vermont Votes to Impeach Bush/Cheney
Impeachment fever is going mainstream

Fully Fund the Safe Withdrawal of our Troops from Iraq
Iraq's Superbombs: Home Made?
Collision Course With Iran by Dennis Kucinich
“they are planning very seriously at the President’s request to attack Iran” by Sy Hersh
The Words None Dare Say: Nuclear War by George Lakoff
Webb Introduces Bill Restricting War with Iran

Outsourcing Walter Reed
Walter Reed and Privatization - A Chronology of Shame
The Daily Show Slams Bush Over Walter Reed Scandal video
Man Pleads Guilty In Walter Reed Kickback Scheme

And just for fun:
Priests to purify site after Bush visit


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