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Monday, March 05, 2007


Just as the Democratic Presidential candidates are off to an earlier than usual start, so are the right-wingers with their attacks and lies. Even though Al Gore is not a candidate, they are so afraid of him that they've made him a target. (See this article for a collection of links to their venom, and this video for Keith Olbermann's response to some of it.) The invaluable watchdog Media Matters for America is documenting several verbal assaults each day, usually blandly passed on by the networks, against front runners Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Barack Obama. This will only get worse with time, and any other candidates who climb in the polls will get the same treatment.

The latest brouhaha arose at the conservative conference where one of the darlings of the reactionaries, Ann Coulter, proceeded to trash John Edwards in a way that even made some of the righties pause. There is a full report on her vile remarks on him and others, with a video clip, links to other sites, and the text of a letter from the Edwards campaign to supporters asking for donations "to show every would-be Republican mouthpiece that their bigoted attacks will not intimidate this campaign", all at Raw Story. Even though she sort of endorsed Mitt Romney there, he later echoed Giuliani and McCain in repudiating her remarks.

She's said similar things before, trying to paint both Bill Clinton and Al Gore as gay, and even using that same f-word. She has been fired or dropped at least three times for her viciousness. Even this latest distancing themselves from her by embarrassed candidates is not new. The internet's best reporter on reactionary extremism, Dave Neiwert of Orcinus, summarized her latest outrage in this well-linked article:
Ho hum. Another year, another CPAC conference, another contrived Ann Coulter Controversy, just like last year. Once again, we get a kabuki dance from movement conservatives who denounce the remarks themselves but neglect to go any farther.

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