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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Irony On Hyperdrive

In light of the News endorsement of Sandra Crenshaw (see Monday's post Karma In Overdrive), presented for your consideration: this notice from the DCDP website:
For State Representative District 110, one candidate, Sandra Crenshaw, was declared ineligible because, based upon her sworn application for a place on the ballot, she had not been a resident of the district for six months as of the last date of filing as required by the Texas Election Code, Section 141.001(5)(A). Any votes cast for her would not be counted. This leaves one eligible candidate on the ballot, incumbent Toni Rose.
As for the News editorial board, this seems to leave them rather like the image in The Godfather conjured up by Sonny, when he tells the ones assigned to place a gun behind the toilet, "I don't want my brother coming out of there with nothing but his ....", but, no, I won't quote all of that language.


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