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Monday, February 10, 2014

Karma In Overdrive

D Magazine posted this: "DMN Endorses Sandra Crenshaw, Who Court Docs Say Is 'Mentally Ill'". The story also links to this document to demonstrate their case.

It looks like the News declined to support incumbent State Representative Toni Rose because she didn't return their questionnaire, and then hung up on them when they called. Oh, poor newspaper got its feeling hurt. There seems to be a pattern here in their other endorsements: if you don't sanction their own ego by running when they snap their fingers, they'll hold their endorsement until the voters turn blue. Which they have. Too bad, Belo.

Unfortunately for me, this happens to be my own State House district. No Republican or Libertarian or Green is running that I know of. It's winner take all in our Primary.

Years ago some British writer said he had only voted once -- when a candidate bragged he could prove he was sane, and waved his release papers from the mental hospital to prove it. Could this Dallas brouhaha portend a new version of the "birthers", with people demanding to see a candidate's release papers?


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