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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Straddling the tightrope

Today the Senate voted to end any filibuster on raising the federal debt ceiling. Voting with a few of the Republican leaders to close debate: John Cornyn of Texas. Then the Senate voted to raise the ceiling. Voting no: John Cornyn of Texas. The cloture vote shows the big-money establishment Republicans that he isn't some crazy legislative bomb-thrower like his junior colleague. The vote against the debt ceiling reassures the tea slurpers that he really is on their side anyway. Guess which he just posted on his Facebook page?
I voted against raising the debt ceiling because it failed to rein in federal spending.
Some of them will be gullible enough to believe him, not noticing that when the real chips were down he went with what big business wanted, not the angry ordinary folk with pitchforks. Thus he tries to please both factions, while actually accomplishing nothing to speak of. What a circus high-wire act.


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