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Sunday, September 12, 2004

I have gone through weeks of frustration with Blogger, which first would not let me log in at all, then would not republish new items, or access any of the archived ones. After three emails seeking help, I've finally got it working again only by changing to a new template. I'm sure I'll be tweaking this one in days to come. About the only good thing about the change is that now it has Blogger's version of Comments enabled. We'll see how that works out.

I have already restored all my blogroll links on the sidebar. All those old archives are gone from Blogger now, which is why they show nothing between May 12, 2003 (when this blog started) and September 07, 2004. I have the old entries saved (even the wrong ones, like predicting that Kerry was going to lose the Democratic nomination -- oops), and will be putting them up in weeks to come on my old original site at Geocities, for the unlikely person who cares. Manually recovering them, I was pleased how good a few of the entries were, so I may put some individual links to those "greatest hits".

This blogging thing is dangerously addictive, I conclude from the frustration I felt when I wanted to rant about something and had no place to do it. I don't think the absence of my tiny voice would make any difference to the upcoming election or the world at large, but it does give me a place to rage against the snuffing of Liberty's torch, and to note darts of humor being thrown at the self-important would-be bosses of us all. Glad to be back on line.


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