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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The CEO of the corporate-sponsored Democratic Leadership Council and his wealthy cronies are in their regular postelection attack mode. Despite wins by economic populists in red states like Colorado and Montana this year, the DLC is claiming like a broken record that progressive policies are hurting the Democratic Party.

From's group is funded by huge contributions from multinationals like Philip Morris, Texaco, Enron and Merck, which have all, at one point or another, slathered the DLC with cash. Those resources have been used to push a nakedly corporate agenda under the guise of "centrism" while allowing the DLC to parrot GOP criticism of populist Democrats as far-left extremists.
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  • At 7:43 PM, Blogger Mr. Natural said…

    Hey...many of us know that it is way past time to just DO AWAY WITH the DLC...they are losers and have made losers of us...screw em!

  • At 1:21 AM, Blogger Steve Bates said…

    As an unreconstructed Old Democrat (not that I'm all that old, and not that my political approach is anything less than current, but rather that I think of myself as aligned with the tradition of FDR, JFK, RFK and Wellstone rather than that of Al From), I am horrified by the what the DLC has done to the party. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to observe that since the DLC has held sway, Democrats have consistently lost elections. The exception, of course, is Bill Clinton, whose personal charisma and brilliant analytical mind would have assured him victory almost no matter what his policy positions were. But there are no more Bill Clintons out there. Why are we losing elections under the influence of the DLC? That's easy: America's citizens agree with traditional Democratic positions on large numbers of issues, and the DLC urges us to become "Republican lite." It is ever so important that we rescue our party from the clutches of these people; if we don't, they will be our downfall.

    Steve Bates
    The Yellow Doggerel DemocratPS I really like your site. I've lurked for a long time without commenting, but I really appreciate what you do here. - SB


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