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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Cuba is to restrict its people from enjoying the delights of its most famous export when it bans smoking in public places next month. Cigars are as synonymous with Cuba as whisky is with Scotland but from 7 February smoking will be prohibited in theatres, shops, restaurants, buses, taxis and other enclosed public areas. The government will also ban cigarette vending machines and bring in an age limit of 16 for buying tobacco products.

More than half of Cuban adults and a large proportion of young people smoke. But despite President Fidel Castro’s reputation as a revolutionary who was rarely without a cigar in his mouth, he did in fact quit the habit in 1986.

Cubans have in the past been encouraged to smoke by their government. Anyone born before 1955 gets four packets of non-filtered cigarettes as part of their monthly ration of basic foodstuffs at a special discount price of around four pence each. The regular price is around 15p a pack.
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