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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

NUCLEAR PUTDOWN: It's easy to miss good ones on sites which have a LOT of content, even ones which I usually read every day. Fortunately I found this Platonically perfect bit of dialogue from World O'Crap linked on another blog.
Our gun-stockpiling, newslist-lurking Mystery Guest was indeed Dr. Professor Mike Adams, as Bill S. said. While Dr. Mike sounds increasingly nutty with each of these "letters" he shares with us, I imagine that the guns have to suffer through a whole lot worse.

(Mike: "Colt, that snotty lunchroom cashier looked at me funny today, undoubtedly because I'm a conservative. But someday we'll make them all pay, won't we, Colt? It's just you and me against the world!" The Gun: "Mike, I think we should see other people.")
(Her post was at Who Said It?; I spotted it quoted at Vox Popoli.)


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