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Monday, February 28, 2005

THE DALLAS MEETING TONIGHT: The Dallas County Democratic Party Executive Committee (which consists of the Precinct Chairs, the County Chair, and the County Secretary) met tonight at the Communication Workers Union hall, in response to a call by petition from a majority of the Precinct Chairs (since the County Chair had not called a meeting in a long, long, time, despite requests). The meeting is now over, as they have been basically thrown out by someone claiming authority to control the building.

Byron LaMasters has posted the two different suggested agendas at the Burnt Orange Report HERE. The main point is that the Chair was not removed. From a parliamentary point of view it would not have been proper to remove an officer without previous notice of a meeting called for that purpose, which should only follow the appointment of an investigative subcommittee to consider any charges alleged. Some changes were proposed in how the party will have to be run from now on, and a lot of steam was let off. Expect more details tomorrow (or much much later tonight) at BOR or here or both.


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