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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

NEVER CALL RETREAT: As the corporatist theocrats consider ending Senate filibusters by a simple majority vote, the so-called "nuclear option", Lean Left offers a terrifying solution for the Democrats trying to kept the worst of Bush's brutes off the federal bench.
Eventually, the Democrats will return to majority status in the Senate. It may be a bare majority, but the Republicans have demonstrated that simple majority power can be wielded tyrannically. The Democrats must do so.

Specifically, they must declare, now, that when they return to majority status they will implement tyranny of the majority ruthlessly for exactly as long as the Republicans did so, plus one year. In other words, they will give back to the Republicans exactly what the Republicans choose to do now, plus a penalty. After that, they will return the 60-vote rule regarding filibusters and re-establish the balance of party power. ...

Mutual Assured Destruction: It kept the nuclear peace for over 40 years , and it will work again, if only the GOP is at least as sane as Stalin.
Read it HERE. Of course the problem is that delusional fanatics who assume the Rapture will be here before they lose power won't care about the future.


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