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Sunday, April 24, 2005

WHO YOU GONNA CULL?: Charles P. Pierce at American Prospect is taking no prisoners. Among other gems in "New Demolition":
...I got very concerned about the recent proposal that Wisconsinites be allowed to go hunting for what is apparently an overpopulation of feral cats. ...if this law passed, poor Russ Feingold might have Bill Frist living on his sofa for six months at a time. ...
(Mandatory Faith-Based Anecdote: So far, this bunch has managed to avoid the precedent set back in the 9th century, when Pope Stephen VI dug up the corpse of his predecessor, Formosus The Only, put it on trial, convicted it, and eventually had the body tossed into the Tiber. Were I the folks in charge of, say, FDR's grave site, I might put on some extra people this month.)
Best of all, he has a quiz, so that you can see if you are eligible to be a "New Democrat", such as Senator Lieberman. Here's one question:
You find that a young man has tagged your priceless European tapestry with gang graffiti. Do you:

1. See that he is arrested.
2. Thank him for not spray-painting the Monet across the room.
3. Compliment him on his spelling.
4. Blame Michael Moore.
The right answer for the New Dems is anything except number 1. (Thanks to The Liquid List.)


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