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Thursday, May 12, 2005

AHEAD OF THE HEADLINES: This may hit the news in the next day or so, but here's the quick scoop about today's imbroglio in the runoff for Dallas City Council District 2. Someone in the anti-Medrano camp came around to Pauline's house (where she and her family have lived for many years) and was photographing it. Someone saw him; when observed he fled, then returned later in another vehicle, believed to belong to his spouse. When he was spotted again trying to photograph the house, he tried to flee -- and promptly crashed his vehicle into that of Pauline's brother. He then fled from the accident scene, and its witnesses, at great speed. Meanwhile, the brother was admitted to the nearby Parkland Hospital to be checked out. This is just one more example of how pathetically desperate the die-hard Medrano haters are here. Sad, really. Maybe this notorious scourge will finally get the ticket he deserves for this panicky lawbreaking.


  • At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Avi S. Adelman said…

    In re the phantom who rammed Ricardo Medrano's car - never happened.

    I am the person that was supposedly chased out of the hood (never happened), I do not have a third car, and these punks don't scare me.

    I grew up in Philadelphia. I knew Frank Rizzo. We had tricks too. The vatos' in Little Mexico are really gallinas (chickens) to have made these garbage claims.

    Show me witnesses. Can't do it cuz even DPD can't find em.

    Refer to these two sites for more information -

    Dallas Observer
    Much Ado

    What happens in MedranoLand stays in MedranoLand

  • At 9:50 AM, Blogger Bill said…

    Such a tiny pea under the mattress to provoke such canine response two weeks after. The obvious reminder of Proverbs 28:1 ("The wicked flee when no man pursueth") is not quite as relevant as the third verse: "A poor man that oppresseth the poor is like a sweeping rain which leaveth no food." Strangely no name was mentioned here, but the known objectivity and calm of this noted scourge totally convinces me of the story he denies. Smile in passing at what can only be assumed as a carefully worded (perhaps with intent to imtimidate? do you suppose?) reference to Rizzo, whose watch was noted for brutal police oppression of those obstreperous minorities. Tremble in fear of the mindless mouth.


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