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Thursday, May 12, 2005

NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS: I didn't report on the rountine Dallas County Executive Committee meeting Monday night at which Darlene Ewing was elected as the new County Chair, after Theresa Daniel filled in for a month to allow the Precinct Chairs to find out about the three candidates and make an informed choice. Since I was busy volunteering at the party office, I didn't endorse anyone or get involved in the campaigns. (If you want more details, the ever quick and invaluable Byron has put some up at Burnt Orange Report, complete with a diehard revanchist Parthian shot from one of the old guard's claque of haters, and total takedowns from Ken Molberg and others in the comments. More there also about the report to the meeting on the large sums of payroll taxes found to have been unpaid by Her Former Majesty.)

There were no fights or parliamentary disputes at the meeting, just a calm election on the first ballot. Frankly, the party has grown and is growing so much that we have had to establish bureaucratic committees to delegate various matters to, such as finance, communications, and so on. These have begun active and promising meetings, and they will be the real center of party operations over the years to come. It is rather like the way General Motors had to reorganize when they slapped together several smaller companies. Once they put those groups together so they could cooperate, they began their progress to eventually bypass the old fashioned style of the one-man-on-horseback Ford Motor Company. The same thing is going to happen here, as we pass the fading Republicans in this county. Any of the three candidates would probably have fit well into this new decentralized system. Prospects feel good.


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