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Friday, July 29, 2005

THE VEGETATIVE STATE PERSISTS: As the cat-killer from Tennessee tries to exploit stem cells for a "Sister Souljah moment", once again the AP sends out a story which may contain a typo that will be corrected later. Right now it says:
At the White House, press secretary Scott McClellan said Frist had given Bush advance notice of his announcement. "The president said, 'You've got to vote your conscious,'" McClellan said.
On the other hand, this may be an accurate quote from the nation's First Disarticulator. It reminded me of an old issue of Cerebus the Aardvark:
Lord Julius: Well, what about those two tall guys with the big spears who were walking in front of me when we got here?
Servant: You told me to trade them for the silver and gold bathtub in the shape of a giant squid.
Lord Julius: Well, it certainly sounds like something I'd do....


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