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Sunday, August 14, 2005

FIGURES DON'T LIE: Karen of Dark Bilious Vapors does the calculations for us.
For those of you disparaging Mrs. Sheehan’s request to meet (yet again) with the President; I’d refer you to the Presidential Handbook™ [Citizenship Rule: 81(a) – 3.036 at page 4,766.] which clearly points out – “When the President uses an entire Year to meets with every valid Citizen of the U.S. [approx July 2005 figure = 295,734,134 citizens], Each Citizen will get NO More than their allotted Time." (Approximately 1.0670708 Seconds per Citizen.)

Everyone knows that Dumbya, having met with 16 families of deceased service men for approximately 10 minutes one day in 2004 at a rate of 18.75 seconds per person, is WAY beyond the national quotient of Presidential time allotted to any ONE Citizen. And, furthermore, having yet another 5 week Presidential vacation this year (cause he be “working HARD…it’s HARD work, ya know”) – only cuts down that 1.0670708 figure per citizen even further for 2005!!
Laugh at it all at Presidential Handbook™.


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