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Saturday, September 03, 2005

THE UNITER'S TALE: brooke shelby biggs of the bitter shack of resentment (apparently having contracted shiftless skippyitis) reveals Der Fooler's Caligula-like attempt to combine all his foes into one, at Bush Reveals Katrina-Terrorism Link:
President Bush took a moment out from edging his lawn today to shout over Cindy Sheehan and other terrorist sympathizers to reveal that the CIA has documented a direct link between between Hurricane Katrina, Communism, OPEC, global warming, immigration, Hugo Chavez, and Al Quaeda.

"Religious extremists in the Middle East are clearly behind this devastating attack on US soil," said Bush at a convention of Boy Scout knitters. "Their reckless production of fossil fuels clearly contributed to the warming of ocean waters over the Gulf of Mexico. (I know I used to not believe in that, but that was before the swarthy Arabs figured out how to use it as a weapon of mass destruction.) If you look carefully at the radar images from the weekend, you can see how there was nothing random about the hurricane's path. It passed near the known communist outposts of Havana before truning northward to hit one of America's richest oil-producing regions. ..."


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