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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

LITTLE BROTHER IS WATCHING: The headline reads Blair Suffers Major Defeat on Terror Bill, but it's a lie. The writer says the British Prime Minion lost points in whatever the London equivalent of the Beltway is because he wanted to extend his power to detain terror suspects without charge to 90 days. Even some of his own party voted to reject that, only allowing this for 30 days instead.

Folks, smell the coffee: right now they are allowed to do it for only 14 days, so this "defeat" for Blair is an even bigger defeat for the liberty of everyone in England, since it more than doubles the time they can be held in legal limbo. And all the spinners are arguing about is whether this hurts his chances to remain as PM. Can you spell moral bankruptcy?

The sad thing, of course, is that in this country the War Criminal In Chief gets to keep people he doesn't like locked up with no lawyers for as long as he wants. This nonsense will be reaching the Supreme Court in time, where he has already added Johnny the puppet and proposed Scalito to shore up his tyranny. And too many members of Congress and the media just lie down to be crushed. America, land of the free: it was a beautiful dream once.


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