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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

SUPER-MOI IS BACK: The Houston Chronicle gives the very bad news:
Victor Morales, the Dallas-area schoolteacher known for his low-budget bid to upset Sen. Phil Gramm in 1996, plans to run as a Democrat for a congressional seat in South Texas. Morales, 56, of Crandall, said he will file his candidacy paperwork for House District 28 this week in Austin.

He stands to be the third Democrat to enter the race in the largely Democratic district that extends from the San Antonio area to Laredo.

Incumbent Henry Cuellar of Laredo is running for a second term, and ex-Rep. Ciro Rodriguez of San Antonio has said he will try to regain the seat he lost after being beaten by Cuellar in a disputed primary in 2004.

Rodriguez is the only one of the three who lives in the district. There are no residency requirements for congressional seats.
The walking disaster returns. Remember 2002, when he hopelessly threw his hat into the U.S. Senate primary, forcing sane people to waste resources on an unneeded runoff? (Looks like he's setting up to do precisely that again, in a district he does not even reside in.) Remember how he told the press after that defeat that he would never ever run as a Democrat again, and would consider other parties instead? (Why weren't we so lucky?) Remember his clueless campaign for the Senate in 1996, when he refused to cooperate with other Democratic candidates or the party, and them condemned them for not supporting him when he lost? (And lost as badly as Gene Kelly, who didn't even campaign, which seems to indicate Victor's campaigning actually hurts his vote totals.) Remember how his local campaign shed disgusted volunteers like water off a dog's back? This man's ego is not just Texas-sized, but galactic. He does not play well with others, he never listens to advice from people who do have any experience, and he thinks everything is about him. It's not. What a waste of ink on the ballot.


  • At 8:50 AM, Anonymous Karen said…

    Must be *nice* to take such a long blog-holiday.

    But here's your HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


    See ya in 2006.

  • At 12:29 AM, Blogger Jimmy said…

    I must admit I'm getting a little tired of Victor Morales.


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