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Friday, June 09, 2006


Now Dorothy called for Alternates (like me) to come up and switch badges to be elevated. This time she has other candidates speak meanwhile: Sally Montgomery, Carl Ginsburg, Fred Tinsley, Gary Fitzsimmons, (I may have missed one while switching badges). Dorothy says now we know we have the power in the 23rd (no one is going to win without the southern sector) and we're gonna use it.

Darlene Ewing, our County Chair is speaking now: what did we do so bad we got isolated to this far room? [In fact this room is awful, but it looks like we're in great shape on the floor, close to the front of the stage.] She says our judicial candidates have pledged $200,000 for get out the vote activity. She doesn't believe we have to pay people to walk precincts, we can find volunteers and spend the money on other things; we're gonna take back this county. Oh, and by the way, we need money to keep the office open, which means we need Sustaining Memberships, so please become a Special Donkey, a Burro, or whatever, at whichever category you can. (Check out the party web site at

Now state rep. Rafael Anchia speaks (the Republicans want to break up families and send people back, and the Latino community is listening while they pull the plug on this hand grenade, we're not going to use immigration as a wedge issue to divide families -- he and Alonzo will be having a news conference on this).

Glen Maxey speaks. (He's worked in the party for 35 years, served 6 terms in the legislature, with a 100% record on any issue in the platform; the party needs an engine overhaul, rebuilding, and stop ignoring our base votes; they just had the last Republican judge in Travis County switch parties to be a Democrat; we can do the same here, and watch those Republicans switching).

Election of Permanent Chair of caucus: Alonzo nominates Dean, done by acclamation.
She appoints Lemuel Price as Clerk (did she mean Secretary?)
Member of the Credentials Committee: Lemuel Price nominated, declines because he is going to be appointed to it anyway. Someone nominated Thelma Norman, Eli Davis nominates Janice Williford, vote by raising delegate badges for a count, Williford wins 85 to 20.

Nominations for SDEC Committeewoman: Monica Alonzo (incumbent for last 4 years) thanks us for giving her the opportunity, apologizes she wasn't able to help much the last few months because her mom passed away, and if she's helped us it because of her mother's strength, she nominates Shea Wyrick; done by acclamation voice vote.
Nominations for SDEC Committeeman: Lemuel Price (the incumbent) nominates Buck Massey; Alonzo moves by acclamation, passes voice vote.
Rules committee: Alonzo nominates Mike Miranda, passes voice vote.
Resolutions committee: nominated Charles Johnson, passes voice vote.
Platform committee: Alonzo nominates Tony Hinojosa,[note: where I've only said "Alonzo" I mean Roberto] passes voice vote.

Nominations committee: Janice Mattox moves we send a person bound to vote the choice of the delegation, I raise point of order that we can't bind anyone under the party rules, Janice moves whoever runs for this will inform us who they are for in the race for State chair (clarified by a question by me to Janice), passes by raising badges. Ruth Wyrick nominates Lawanna Barden, Jean Ball nominated by Albert Silva, Kirk McPike nominated, David Robinson (?), all four nominees stand at front, motion nominations cease, passes voice. Robinson says he's for Glen Maxey, McPike is for Boyd Richie, Ball says she hasn't decided and declines to commit to anyone until she has heard what is going on in the nominating committee, Barden for Richie. McPike withdraws in favor of Barden. Votes taken by standing: Barden wins.

For chair of the 23rd SD tabulation committee for balloting, and they will select 4 others, representing the other candidates. Someone nominates Janice Mattox, passes by raising badges. She names McPike, David Robinson, Jean Ball, and Calvin Bluitt (another Richey supporter), announces a room 121E meeting for this committee at 10:30 AM saturday. I stood and asked if there was a Larouche supporter; there was none, and Janice said she chose not to put a Larouche person on her committee; there was also no one supporting Urbina-Jones.

Adjourned at 4:46 PM.


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