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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


[With some later added extra comments of my own in italics.]

This Thursday: Hear 2 New Democratic Books Reviewed

The Garland Area Democratic Club will be featuring at their June meeting a review by Randy Mayeux of two new Democratic books. Take it Back is by James Carville and Paul Begala, and Crashing the Gate is by Marcos M. Zuniga and Jerome Armstrong [better known as the popular Democratic poltical bloggers of DailyKOS and MyDD]. The public is invited to attend. The talk will be on Thursday, June 8, at 7 PM, at the Garland Women's Activity Center, 713 Austin St., in downtown Garland.

[NOTE: I read the Carville book earlier this year. It was cleverly done, but frankly morally and politically dubious arguments for appeasing the views of the foes of freedom and the future for the foolish goal of taking power -- with no agenda or mandate to enact one that is fundamentally different from the kind of DLC stuff that Carville has spent his career pushing. Yes, it's not as bad as the maliciousness that has taken over the Republicans today, but it's ultimately just a way of getting your name on the cornerstone when the government builds a huge bastille around us. It only adds a little friction to the GOP machine, but doesn't stop its goals. What shall it profit a Democrat if she shall gain the White House, but enact reactionary programs when she takes office? Get thee behind me, Jamey. (No, I doubt if the authors see themselves as believing what I accuse them of. Denial starts inside, to your own conscience. The effect is the same as if it were intentional.)

I'm reading the KOS/MyDD book now, and it's more readable, more reality-based and less supportive of rank appeasement -- but I've just read the first part; we'll see. I think actually interacting with more people on line daily gives them a better sense of what is really going on outside the beltway and its swamp of pollsters, consultants, lobbyists, and sycophantic media goons.]

State Convention In Fort Worth Starts This Friday...

Several thousand Democrats from across Texas will be in Fort Worth from this Thursday, June 8, through Saturday, June 10, for our State Convention. This is our biennial chance to meet old friends from distant corners of the state and make new ones, while working together to help all the people of Texas. There's lots more information on the state party's web site, including pdf documents of caucus schedules, or you can see a quick summary at the DCDP's own web site.

Things really begin with a State Executive Committee meeting on Thursday at 2 PM, followed by a Reception that evening at 6 PM (both events are at the Hilton). For most of us, Friday is the first big day, with caucus meetings of various Democratic organizations beginning as early as 9 AM at the Convention Center. See those web sites for a list.

A vital meeting for all delegates and alternates to be at is the Senatorial District Caucus. These will all be held Friday from 3 to 5 PM at the Convention Center. This is where the decisions are made about who will represent each district on the various Convention Committees, such as Platform. NOTE: because our State Conventions are so huge, these committees are where the real action is. There is virtually never time to consider proposals from the floor, so if you want something done, you need to get on the proper committee or heavily lobby those who do. The schedule for the districts from Dallas County is:

Senate District 2: Room 121 D

Senate District 8: Ballroom C

Senate District 9: Room 116

Senate District 16: Room 201B

Senate District 23: Room 200

That evening the whole Convention convenes together at 6 PM. Along with the business will be a host of speakers, including our candidate for Governor Chris Bell, and former Presidential candidate General Wesley Clark. Naturally, there will be plenty of candidate and organization receptions andhospitality suites both Friday and Saturday.

...And Continues This Saturday

The brave souls elected to those Convention Committees will begin meeting at 8 AM Saturday, while for most of us the first event is the Blue Star Breakfast, traditionally the main fundraiser to help pay for the Convention (so please buy a ticket!) The keynoter for this one is Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth of South Dakota.

The Convention gets under way again at 11 AM. Throughout the day we'll be hearing from more of our statewide and local candidates, and some guests from elsewhere as well. Mainly, this is the day we get to vote on the Platform, Resolutions, Rules, and officers for the state party for the next two years. Sometime that afternoon we'll adjourn and either attend a last few candidate events or head for home.

The most attention is being paid to an unusual active contest for State Chair. Current contendersare the incumbent, Boyd Richie (chosen earlier this year to finish this term when Chairman Soechting resigned), Glen Maxey, and Charlie Urbina-Jones. For more on them, South Texas Chisme also posted interviews with Richie, Maxey, and Urbina-Jones. (There is also a fourth candidate, "Lyndon LaRouche Youth Movement activist Lakesha Rogers".)

If you can't make it, you can still get ongoing updates from several Democratic web sites which have been provided space by the state party for "live-blogging" the Convention. A list is at the web site of the Blogger's Caucus. A few other Texas bloggers not yet listed there are Red State Feminist, Bildungblog, South Texas Chisme, North Texas Liberal, Bride of Acheron, Arvin Hill, Annatopia, and Stoutdemblog.

[NOTE: Yes, I know Annatopia hasn't posted since April, as I haven't since May, but we've both been busy working with party-related things, so I expect she'll emerge again for the convention or the campaign season, as I have here. And yes, I know Bildungblog is mostly just visual humor -- do you doubt that we need much, much more of that?]

More Reasons Why We're Democrats

The Republicans just got through with their own State Convention, opting for rabble-rousing instead of rational responses to the needs of Texas. Off the Kuff describes part of their mood at GOP Hispanic outreach is so 2004. The Dallas News lists their usual Platform inanities:
"After Perry forces prevailed, delegates adopted a platform demanding the federal government take strong steps to stem illegal immigration, including building a "physical barrier" along the full length of the U.S.-Mexico border, expelling illegal immigrants and denying them nonemergency medical care.

"The platform, a statement of the party's principles, calls for constitutional amendments to outlaw abortion and gay marriage. The party calls for denying benefits to domestic partners and making it a felony to issue a marriage license to same-sex couples. In addition, the party would bar homosexuals from adopting children.

"The party also advocates making English the official language, withdrawing membership in the United Nations, banning homosexuals from serving in the military and allowing display of the Ten Commandments."

DART Trains And Car Pool Info For State Convention

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) offers rail service between Dallas and Ft. Worth, for the price of a premium day pass ($4.50). Seniors 65 and older can get a day pass for only $1.00 (Seniors may need to get an official Dart photo ID or have their Medicare card for the discount.) For the train routes see this link, and for the bus routes in downtown Fort Worth see this link.

Thanks to the generous help of Democratic candidate Carter Thompson, another DART train (later than the usual ones) has been scheduled for delegates returning to Dallas from the State Convention in Fort Worth on the evening of Friday, June 9th. It will depart the Fort Worth Intermodal Tranportation Center at 10:35 PM on June 9th, and will arrive in Dallas at 11:15 PM. Those who had bought a premium DayPass will not need to buy another ticket. Tom Madrzykowski tells us that parking is available at the Dallas end at Reunion Arena for $5.

Holly Hunter has volunteered to help people put together carpools for driving to Fort Worth. If you are interested, send your basic info (Name, address, phone number, and email address) to holly.hunter AT comcast DOT net -- This will be a casual, sorted by zip-code list, and others on the list will receive your info. Once she sends out the names, it’s completely up to you to make that work.

Save The Date For This Year's Fish Fry!

The Dallas County Democratic Party will be hosting its annual Fish Fry fundraiser on Saturday, October 21, 2006, as a kick off for early voting! Mark your calendars and plan to attend this great event -- the most important party fundraiser of the year!

Last year, 400 local Democrats gathered for the 2005 Fish Fry, which featured State Representative Senfronia Thompson. This year, we'll be building momentum for our election victories with this exciting event! Stay tuned to our newsletter, the Round Up and the DCDP website for more news about the Fish Fry as it becomes available!


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