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Friday, June 09, 2006


Well, one big difference with the old press: the folks at the bloggers stood and applauded when Wesley Clark came in. Not very nonpartisan of us. Tough.

The General is mentioning heroic Texans. Now he hits another easy mark, asking veterans to stand up and us to thank them for their service. Always good for great applause, as it should be. Now he mentions those 130,000 in Iraq, plus Afghanaistan, and elsewhere, and asks everyone to stand up and thank them. Again, guaranteed emotions -- and again, as it should be.

He mentions personal ties when he lived here in Texas (among others, he once shot a turkey near Brownwood, "a real turkey, not a Republican"). We've got a problem and we've got to get rid of it. "There can be no delay."

When he spent several years serving abroad, this country was admired and respected. People used to come here from everywhere; we took action and fought to contain communism; he's proud of all we did to maintain deterrence, and establish a climate of leadership. Meanwhile at home we had incredible economic growth, bringing it to ordinary people with help like GI bills. Our dollar became the trusted store of value for the world. And those efforts were led at crucial times by Democrats like FDR, Truman, LBJ, and Bill Clinton.

He's proud to be an American, but knows what more we could be; his heart aches over this. We knew Osama was the problem, but Bush thought he knew more than we did, and so.... Bush went on vacation; it was what I call command negligence. Any reasonable person who got such a warning would have called the cabinet together and demanded an action plan, and he would have been a leader, and he might have saved a lot of lives.

This isn't ancient history. We went to war in Iraq to cover up the command negligence that resulted in 911. [Lots of the crowd stood to applaud.] I've been to war, and you never do except as a last resort. How about some leadership from Washington in diplomacy, and policy?

Now they are ratcheting up the pressure up on Iran. I've testified to Congress on that, but why did we have to name them as part of the axis of evil? Why can't we talk first? Why can't we lead instead of just bullying? I guess it's because they're Republicans.

We need to help Americans get the best public education in the world. We've got to rebuild public education in America.

Now he takes on the lack of access to health insurance. Again, a waste of human potential. And he gets wild applause about the huge numbers thrown off the CHIPS program in Texas.

The political litmus test interfering with science; global warming -- it's been decreed there's no such thing. We like to make things in this country but we can't have our science corrupted because someone doesn't agree with the conclusions.

We could be so much more if we had the leadership to take us there. They're flat wrong, enough is enough, 2006 is the year. [A chant starts "enough is enough" -- he grins, okay, but it's not enough of my speech, a little more and we can turn them loose.]

Playing on people's fears, getting people not to trust their neighbors, dividing Americans, playing one group against another. The Texas legislature was taken over by money in a few key races. It's a tragedy of Democracy, and we've got to fix it.

We believe in equal opportunity for every American, regardless of whatever [big applause]. Strong economy means health systems to help everyone live up to their potential. Security is not from building fences, but bridges.

We're gonna elect Chris Bell and Barbara Radnofsky. We concede nothing. This is a fight for America's future, and it begins here in Texas.

2006 is not local; it's national. The misgovernment has local roots, because the men and women elected to the majority party have failed in their duties to the Constitution, and our basic liberties. [Wild wild ovation standing with shouts.]

Now he's comparing the signers of the Declaration of Independence to us today.

We've gotta use government as a force for good. We've got to deal with the problems of six billion people on earth. All of that is doable. All we have to do is elect the right people to office. And it starts here. He wind up making it a pitch to give money to Democrats.

Let Texas be the star that guides us. It's up to us. Stand and say it. That chant of "enough is enough" goes again as they stand. He hopes Bush hears this. In 2006 we are taking this government back. Cheers, standing applause, and Boyd starts some upbeat rock music to let him walk off.

Boyd announces temporary officers for the convention. Now he's brought some state reps up on stage for cheers (they are "co-chairs" of the convention) and finally former Speaker Jim Wright. Oh, yes, we all stand for him.

Now Rosa Walker is introduced, as someone who has done much to help working people here. (I stood up, but few others, perhaps all labor people.) She is paying tribute to Gonzalo Barrientos, sounds like an introduction.


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