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Saturday, June 10, 2006


The convention (yes, still here, unusually late) rejected a resolution calling for impeaching Bush, brought to the floor by a petition signed by delegates. However, it was close enough to require a standing division, and the resolutions committee itself seems to have passed one that also includes Cheney (one objection raised to this version). In theory, we may still get to that one, but I hold out little hope.

My battery died again, so I'm recharging while I type this in the media room. If the committee resolution does come up, and this is still open (or I've got battery power and the center's wireless is still on) I'll put it up; otherwise I may have to wait until I get back to Dallas. Either way, if it comes up I will post it tonight; you just may have to wait for me, or hope some other blogger has a better battery. Almost all of them -- and the delegates -- have already gone.

Which brings up some shocking and some delightful news. When the petition-initiated impeachment resolution came up, Jim Mattox of all people stood up and suggested the absence of a quorum before a standing division vote could be taken, since the voice vote had been unclear. Slagle redeemed himself by saying that the light was so bad he could not see that no quorum was present. I was high-fiveing another blogger who had a big "Vote yes to impeach" sign. We did take the division vote, and frankly I think he was right; the nays (I voted yes) did seem to have it.

The discussion had been what you would expect: some opposed it because we needed to be pragmatic and elect people and then go after them (that "then" never comes, has been my observation of such arguments), it was claimed this would energize the right wing (like they aren't already), and the usual hogwash claimed as justifications for giving in and giving up.

Maybe we'll get to the other resolution, but I doubt it. Check back later.


  • At 2:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Is it really true that Jim Mattox, the former Texas attorney general, was the one who made the motion to adjourn for lack of a quorum when the impeachment resolution was being considered?


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