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Friday, June 09, 2006


We got and took the final credentials report. Now Ken Molberg reports his nominating committee recommends Bob Slagle for permanent convention chair. But -- someone got a petition up to run himself, which under the rules means he gets to run, and we have to have roll call vote. Now he's speaking, all about parliamentary stuff -- he wants ongoing platform consideration instead of the way it's done now. A Robert's Rules geek. He's right the current system stinks, but this is not the way to change things. Change the rules and give notice in advance.

This will go nowhere, and once again, lots of folks who have real problems with old Bob, will have to vote for him just because of the alternative. Now Bob's speaking. The usual oily voice pouring over troubled waters, but he looks more credible. Guess I may have to run over to my delegation (not far, but in another aisle) to vote.


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