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Friday, June 09, 2006


Or at least we're in the meeting room for it, but getting here was a real struggle (we're now almost at the opposite end of the halls and offices circling the convention center from where Stonewall met, and we had to swim through a gigantic crowd in the halls). Now Dorothy Dean has called the meeting to order, with a moment of silent prayer.

Now our Senator Royce West speaks. (We need to act together as a fist, not as individual fingers, to reclaim Dallas County and make a difference in the state of Texas. Let's not be like the Miami Heat, and think we're gonna win if we show up. Let's be like the Dallas Mavericks and work em and work em and work em.)

Linda Forsythe (?) of SWDallas County is doing a petition for paper trails for voting machines in Dallas County. Dorothy explained why this matters in elections. Our State Reps from the 23rd speak: Roberto Alonzo (he talks about Howard's victory in Austin and some Rep reps who got beat in the primary because of their views, so people are listening to us in Austin now, thanks to activists who helped), Terri Hodge (we can no longer sit idily by, trotting along one at a time, again she pushes the importance of the Bell race for Governor -- as she did at the Stonewall Caucus, begin the unity from your home encouraging everyone in your house or you're foolin round with no matter what to vote, the Republicans are killing one another - let them fight, we must move around and work quietly like you've never worked these precincts before. Pompous we may be but losers we are not -- we elected officials want to walk in your precinct and help get the vote out, we can win and I am reporting for duty), Helen Giddings (ditto to Terri's words, Dallas county is trending Democratic, the only thing we need is your commitment; when we look at all the things going on at the state and national level, if we can't win we oughta fold up our tents; I believe we will be victorious in November), Jesse Jones (now a lame duck after his primary loss - but Dorothy told me that his staff is still funded through the end of the year; he says there has been a demographic change, and we need to learn how to live with victory; we must continue to work hard, this is not a short-term project; we have one of the best opportunities in a long while with Chris Bell, and discourage those who want to vote for a grandmother or a comedian).

Alonzo asked people to show appreciation for all Dr. Jones had done; there was a large standing ovation. Dorothy calls for those who were not yet registered (because the booth closed down earlier) to come up to the front table to do so; this of course stops any business from going on - or even letting other candidates speak. Oh well.


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