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Friday, June 09, 2006


As I came in, the delegates were being welcomed by a black county commissioner from Tarrant County. Then Chair Richie turned over the podium to a black Baptist minister, who went on too long and too far. The comparisons of how Jesus and Chris Bell would be denounced, etc., I found tasteless. Then they showed a very well produced short commercial with a bunch of photogenic Democrats, mostly elected officials, giving a line or two each while sweeping upbeat music plays in the background. Reminded me of some of those good PBS ads. Then he brought up on stage some of the people in the film. People loved it.

Temporary credentials report is being given. Strange a large number of counties filed no minutes of conventions. After a lot of details, it was adopted.

I'm sitting in the very front row on the floor, in one of two rows there of tables and chairs just for bloggers. There are about a dozen folk here, but definitely some of them are not bloggers, or even reporters. The tables aren't full, so no harm yet. We were told in the media room that the actual old fashioned media had to sit in space behind the bloggers. Wow -- that's support, and a poke in the eye to the old media. We need to show thanks to the state party for being on board with us.

State rep Richard Raymond speaks (as Hispanic as the Governor of New Mexico, despite the vaguely Anglo name). He is talking about General Wesley Clark, so I suppose this is the introduction.


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