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Friday, June 09, 2006


I hoped we would have more live blogging of events, as I've been trying to do today, but no such luck. I think we've made a start however; by the next convention maybe we can be better organized, perhaps dividing up coverage of key caucuses. Maybe more folks are waiting until the formal session tonight.

From some who are here and reporting, there is some good news: Marc's Miscellany reports that Anna of Annatopia was elected to the Resolutions Committee. On the other hand, McBlogger presents a bizarre tale of oppressive abuse of process (as he interprets it) at a meeting of the Progressive Populist Caucus (sic). I wish I could tell him that this is a brand new charge there.

I'm posting this in the Media Room, and we were just told that General Clark has arrived. I'm going to go on over to the floor.


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