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Friday, June 09, 2006


At the Stonewall Caucus, Democratic Agriculture Candidate Hank Gilbert just spoke and got a wild ovation talking about family farmers and education (he's an ex-teacher who promises to be a lobbyist for them as well). Now the candidates for State Chair have begun speaking, with Maxey first.


We got into Fort Worth yesterday afternoon, and tried to look in at the State Democratic Executive Committee meeting. That wasn't really possible, because the room was stuffed too full of people standing in every square foot to squeeze in. Our former Dallas County Chair and SD 16 member Ken Molberg was explaining how rolls calls would work in multiple-county Senate Districts (a real possibility in the heated race for state Chair.) In the lobby outside competition was raging to get Chair candidate stickers on lapels. Former Dallasite and current state party staffer David Parnell was pushing Richie, while Glen Maxey was personally passing out his own.

Later we went back to the Hilton again to attend the state party's reception. Like the SDEC meeting, they had underestimated the attendance, and ran out of food. At least twice. This despite the seemingly interminable lines for food, for drinks, and even for drink tickets. We then took the free limo ride to the party the Tarrant County Stonewall Democrats were hosting, which was much more lively. (It was only the second political reception I've ever attended which had belly dancing for entertainment.)

Lots of Dallasites hadn't shown up yet, since the big events really begin today (Friday). It seems like this was even more true of the rest of the state.


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