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Saturday, June 10, 2006


There were more candidates introduced. A spark came from J. R. Molina for the State Court of Criminal Appeals, denouncing Republican immigration plans as more like a campaign of ethnic cleansing (I paraphrase), saying no Hispanic should vote for Kay Hutchison this November.

Molberg read the final totals for the Chair runoff:
Richie 3415.43, Maxey 2987.15.

Slagle introduced some candidates for the district courts of criminal appeals. There was a real red headed fireball for the 3rd, place 3: Diane Henson. She pointed out that this was the court that would hear Tom Delay's appeal if he were convicted. Then she launched into a raging attack on the reactionaries on the Texas courts. She agreed activist judges are bad, but the only ones we have in Texas today are those the conservative Republicans have filled our courts with. We must elect stewards of our courts and constitution. We can't have potted plants, we need checks and balances. She denounces Nathan Hecht as a poster child of the right, and he was just sanctioned - he has no shame, no sense of honor. Wow!

Molberg read more from the nominating committee report, with their choice for Vice-Chair being Roy Laverne Brooks. But unexpectedly a delegate on the floor nominated someone else, Lydia Caballero, a Precinct Chair and Kucinich activist from Hidalgo County. Well! Challenged, the powers that be brought out all the Big Guns to stomp on this threat. Brooks (a woman, despite the first name) was seconded by Morris Overstreet, former state Supreme Court justice and head of the Coalition of Black Democrats. Brooks then spoke herself, a black woman we've seen up there before. She gets further seconds from various Mexican American Dems, including Alonzo, Emmett Shepherd of the AFLCIO, and state rep Dr. Jesse Jones. Then Caballero spoke herself, ultimately withdrawing in favor of Brooks so we can all work together. One more crisis passed for the party.

Molberg reads the rest of the nominations for officers, all of whom are passed by voice vote with no opposition. Then we hear from a woman from the Young Democrats.

I can't imagine we're going to get to the platform or resolutions, which may suit some people just fine. Over at TexasKos, Annatopia is complaining that there are obstacles being placed to passing some resolutions the SDEC consider provocative, like impeachment. She sounds righteously upset.

Now someone has introduced Emmett Shepherd to speak about the union's interests in the election.

Now Theresa Daniel of Dallas presents the Rules committee report. She sounds tired, understandably so. She moves adoption of amendments previously approved by the SDEC, with clarifications. That passes by voice. Then she goes on. This is routine and they should all pass.

Shutting down now for low battery again. Back later if something exciting happens.


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