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Friday, June 09, 2006


By the way, the nominating committee's slate of caucus officers was reelected, including state President Shannon Bailey of Dallas, before the candidates started speaking. He just introduced my own State Representative, Terri Hodge, as someone always there for the caucus issues. She congratulated the caucus as having some of the hardest working volunteers anywhere. She said some politicians who come around and ask for their support are being disingenuous when it comes time to face issues. They aren't telling people "they aren't trying to get married in your church, they just want the same civil rights as you and your wife". It's time for them to put up or shut up. Terri, like Jim Mattox, never minds criticizing the insufficiently committed. Deserved standing ovation.

Now some quick intros by other candidates present -- very briefly. Looks like a dozen or more. Naturally that suggestion is not being followed; they're all giving quite a blurb. 2 for Congress, a woman for the legislature who will support gay/lesbian adoptions (she's at, more legislative candidates, including a woman in a wheel chair who got up to say "I don't stand up for many people" and says the reason the legislature didn't do anything about the real issues is they were busy writing hate into the Constitution, and adds she is openly lesbian and needs help because that makes it tougher to convince people this is winnable; she's at

State Senator Letitia Van der Putte (I think that's the spelling) spoke thanking those who helped oppose that anti-gay marriage amendment. A couple more from Dallas, Allen Vaught and Jack Borden. One guy gave a quick pep talk but was so excited he forgot to give his name or what he was running for. Gena Slaughter, a Dallas candidate for judge, and some more of our county locals, Carter Thompson and Carl Ginsburg for judge, Gary Fitzsimmons for District Clerk ("the sexy position; the county clerk is the not sexy position"); then a Houston city councilwoman who is the only openly gay or lesbian Texas member on the DNC, and describes the vicious gay-baiting by her election opponent; their overkill backfired and brought her enough support to win. (UPDATE LATER: I didn't catch her name at the start, but I saw her outside the hall later and asked; it was Sue Lovell.)

The well-named John Courage, candidate for Congress, asks for support in his race against a homophobe. They are now asking reps from each of the local chapters to give a brief report. I'm going to head out to the SDEC caucus for the 23rd, which will start at 3 PM (in theory).


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