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Saturday, June 10, 2006


The State Chair race is finally over, after two roll calls and a runoff. Richie won, and Maxey spoke in his favor. After the first ballot, Urbina-Jones withdrew but made no endorsement. His delegates split differently in different districts, and Richie was so close the first time that there was no way Maxey could win without united Urbina-Jones support. The rolls calls and counting took forever; now it is after 5, and there is still business, but can it be done? When do we have to be out of the hall?

Jim Dunham (sp?) of the state house introduced Senfronia Thompson, who is running for Speaker next year, then all of the other reps who were present. Thompson is a real fireball -- "tear down that wall!" After her, he said Tom Delay is retiring from public life to spend more time with his subpoenas. Now they are introducing all of the other candidates for state rep.

The most fun before the break to vote for chair was Fred Head, running for Comptroller, who had his wife speak first, then took after his opponent because she is a hypocrite, who years ago published a trashy novel. They eat this kind of stuff up in his native east Texas, but it's too bizarre.

The biggest fire of the morning was probably David Van Os, introduced by previous Attorney General Jim Mattox. Van Os then launched into his usual challenge to big oil, insurance, utilities, etc. - you'd better spend all your billions to defeat me, because when I win I'm coming after you. If they get worried about that, then they will spend a plenty, but of course they already control the state supreme courts so they may not get that scared. Van Os pointed to the press tables and denounced them. [That probably didn't work out as well visually because I was sitting right in front of them in the front blogger's row, wearing my Democratic boater.] Lots of juicy rabble rousing. He left to Willie Nelson's "Don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys".

Right now former state house speaker Pete Laney is speaking, following a brief film tribute to him. He's gone also.

Earlier our Lieutenant Governor candidate, Maria Alvarado, was talking about "no candidate left behind", reminding us all of our slate needs to work together. She took a mike and wandered around the stage for a "conversation". She also admitted her race is worse than David versus Goliath, it's more like Maria versus David AND Goliath.

I'm signing out again, at least for a while. The other speakers, if we continue, are on the state website, and the remaining business is mostly routine and uncontroversial. We'll update if excitement happens.


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