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Monday, August 07, 2006


Tonight: Hear World Human Rights Lawyer Lennox Hinds

This evening, Monday, August 7, the Dallas County Young Democrats present an evening with Lennox Hinds. He is a professor of law at Rutgers and an international attorney who has represented, among others, Nelson Mandela (later President of South Africa). Hinds began as a chemist for Cities Service (one of his patents was for a way to diagnose which parts of an engine were wearing out by analysing the lubricating oil). The US civil rights movement inspired him to go into law instead and defend activists illegally targeted by Hoover's FBI. Later he represented similar clients opposing oppression in Africa as well, including Mandela, and became the permanent representative of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) to the UN.

"Yes, Mandela was declared a terrorist at one time, and most groups and individuals who have been fighting for liberation against a repressive regime are declared to be terrorists. George Washington was. Thomas Jefferson was. All of those who signed the Declaration of Independence – the British government at that time had 'Wanted' posters for them – they were wanted, dead or alive. If the American Revolution had been lost, they would have been hanged. So most regimes who face opposition – especially if there’s an armed struggle – describe those who fight against them as common criminals, and in today’s parlance, terrorists."

Tonight's event is free to the public. It will begin at 7 PM, at the African-American Museum at Fair Park. That is at 3536 Grand Avenue, in the Grand Avenue entrance, and across the parking lot from the Music Hall.

Walking To Victory Continues

On Saturday morning, several of our local Democratic candidates and volunteers canvassed precincts in Dallas and Irving. Before setting out, they were greeted at the DCDP office by our candidate for Governor Chris Bell. (He'll be back in town August 8 and 29th -- see our Calendar.)

Other candidates who helped canvass precincts Saturday included Jim Jordan, Marty Lowy, Rick Magnis, Tracy Holmes, Doug Skemp, Mark Stoltz, Craig Watkins, Elizabeth Frizell, Carl Ginsberg, Gary Fitzsimmons, Mike Snipes, Martin Hoffman, Jeanine Howard, Jeff Rosenfield, Ernie White, Joe Wells, Bill Mazur, and Peggy Hoffman. (You can find links to all their websites at this page.)

We'll be walking more weekends in August, then adding weekday evenings as well for this fall. We'll also be doing walks soon from our new office in north Dallas and another in the south. Come to the party office this Saturday at 8:30 AM and walk to help our whole ticket. We're at 4209 Parry at Fletcher, between Haskell and Peak, and two blocks south of IH30. Call us at 214-821-8331 for more details.

Last Chance To Be On The DCDP Billboard

You still have time to be on the "Vote Democratic" billboard this fall. (You can see a mockup of it on the party's website.) Just get in your $50 contribution and picture by August 10 to the party office. For more information (including required photo sizes, formats, the photo release form to sign, etc.), call the DCDP HQ at 214-821-8331.

The Fight Of The Week

The hottest spotlight in American politics this week will be turned on Tuesday's Democratic primary in Connecticut, where incumbent Joe Lieberman is being seriously challenged by newcomer Ned Lamont. [NOTE: When I posted this in the newsletter, I had a link to Lieberman's campaign site. Right now it says "Account Suspended". Too much traffic? Hacking? Who knows?] You can watch the candidates on these clips from This Week: Lieberman and Lamont. Just for fun was this Lamont interview by a "conservative" on the Colbert Report.

More seriously, former Dallas County Chair Ken Molberg discusses the race in this article (followed by some comments by current and former candidates). Local Dallas blog Bride of Acheron has also criticized Joe. Lieberman's leading defender among Texas Democratic bloggers has been Greg Wythe (with links to several pro-Joe columns). Nationally, leading the web fighting have been DailyKOS and MyDD and Unclaimed Territory and, with the best ongoing coverage on the race, Firedoglake. Whoever wins, just remember the old saying: "Democrats are like cats. They fight all night, but the next day there are even more Democrats."


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