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Monday, October 30, 2006


Happy Horrordays

The President of the United States continues to practice his Headless Horseman imitation, dashing about the country tossing verbal pumpkins at Democrats, liberals, and anyone with the common sense to oppose his failed and dangerous policies abroad and at home. With polls showing most Americans have now turned against his disastrous occupation of Iraq, he and his supporters are trying to rewrite history. Fortunately, the internet doesn't forget. The Democratic National Committee has put up a great video showing just how dishonest his latest claims are about not being "stay the course"; watch it here. And Olbermann gives the phrase a fond "Rest In Peace". Of course they would also like us to forget how they let people die after Katrina.

Such malevolent incompetents require enablers, like the networks which refused to run this ad for a documentary about how the far right tried to censor the Dixie Chicks for criticizing Bush. You can see a longer trailer for the movie here. Then there are the talk-show cheerleaders of venom, like Rush's attacks on Michael J. Fox for making ads for Democrats supporting stem cell research (Olbermann dissects his cruelty here), or the many web pundits who have lied about and slimed Bush's critics since the war began (there is an hilarious multi-part documentary of them here). Sadly, Republican racism is showing in several ads nationwide.

The forces of good are fighting back. Majority Report, a group including our former Congressman Martin Frost, has done several ads, such as this dynamite one on stem cells. There have been a host of hilarious or powerful ones put up against defeat-deserving Republicans, like this delight in Ohio, or this wild one against the same turkey. Some veterans express real anger in this one.

Here in Texas, Bill Clinton has done a voice ad for Chris Bell you can listen to here. Senator Royce West has done a TV spot against the sinking Kinkster here. The local Republicans are putting out really nasty stuff against our judicial candidates. They should be afraid, when the Dallas Observer is running frightening tales like this one about Andrew Chatham's opponent: "Undue Process" (subtitled "Want to send an innocent man to prison for life? Judge Karen Greene is ready to help.") Meanwhile, our own Judge Sally Montgomery, still being attacked by the vengeful Republican good old boys, has put up a study demonstrating their prejudice. They know they are losing power, and they are running scared.

Now All That Matters Is Turnout....

Almost everyone who is likely to vote has already made up his or her mind. For the few left, there are plenty of ads going out trying to convince them, on TV, radio, cable, internet, newspapers and tons of mailings. Polls show most people (yes, even here in Texas) agree more with most Democrats on most issues.

If they turn out to vote, our candidates win. If the Republicans manage to scare enough of their blindly dedicated kool-aid drinkers out to the polls and Democrats stay home, then the bad guys get another two years of no oversight and keep driving the country off the cliff. What you can do for all of our futures is:
  • 1. Make sure you have voted. (Do it today!)
  • 2. Make sure every Democratic-leaning voter you know has voted. (Be a pest about it!)
  • 3. Volunteer time. (See the how-to article below.)
  • 4. Give money. (Ditto.)
  • 5. Pray for, hope for, or visualize the public coming to the polls in record numbers and rejecting the politics of fear and hatred.
"...the only thing we have to fear is fear itself -- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance."
--Franklin D. Roosevelt, Inaugural Address, 1933

Make Sure The Votes Count....

If you vote early on those touch-screen machines, be very careful to review your votes before you finish. There have been several reports of problems with this, such as this one from Collin County, or this "glitch" from Travis and Hays Counties (which has also been seen in some other states).

Locally, the Republicans at early voting locations are acting more desperate than I have ever seen them, challenging voters on no valid grounds, shouting at them and trying to intimidate or delay and discourage them, and sometimes just flatly giving voters bad information (like telling them that if they just vote for Chris Bell, that will vote for all of the Democrats). Our party officials and legal warriors are running around fighting this constantly, but we need your help too.

If you're not already working at the polls (or in get out the vote efforts) on election day, then please volunteer to be a poll watcher. Of course, even most Republicans are honest and fair ... especially when they know someone is there watching them. If you can do this Nov. 7 (or even during this last week of early voting), call the party office at 214-821-8331.

He's Back ... And So Is Chris

Next Monday, the day before the election, the President will be disrupting air and ground traffic here in Dallas for a big Republican rally at Reunion Arena. There are of course some who will be trying to demonstrate against this event; you can find out more at their web page. Bear in mind that on his visit to Dallas in February, protesters were herded by police, on penalty of arrest, into a distant "free speech zone", where they couldn't even catch a glimpse of his limousine, and he was safely protected from seeing them. (See details of that violation of our rights here.)

Earlier that same day, the much more accessible Democratic candidate for Governor Chris Bell brings his Bell On Wheels Tour to Dallas. He'll be here from 1 to 2 PM in Fair Park, in front of the Hall of State, at 3939 Grand, Dallas.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

(For the latest updates on local events, and links to more info about these, always check the DCDP website Calendar.)

Now through Friday, November 3:
  • Early Voting for this year's election (list of dates, times, and places here)
Monday, October 30:
  • Dallas Democrats Meetup (7 PM, La Madeleine on Mockingbird by SMU)
Saturday, November 4:
  • Democratic Party Precinct Walks from the north Dallas office (9 AM and 2 PM, 5930 LBJ [blue four-story building southwest from the corner of LBJ and Preston; park up the second floor ramp in the rear], Suite 200; call Kirk at 972-701-8683)
  • Park Cities / Central Dallas Democrats (10:30 AM, Oak Lawn Branch, Dallas Public Library)
Sunday, November 5:
  • Precinct Walks from the north Dallas office (2 PM, 5930 LBJ [blue four-story building southwest from the corner of LBJ and Preston; park up the second floor ramp in the rear], Suite 200; call Kirk at 972-701-8683)
Monday, November 6:
  • Chris Bell brings his Bell On Wheels Tour to Dallas (1 to 2 PM, Fair Park, in front of the Hall of State, 3939 Grand, Dallas)
Tuesday, November 7:
  • Election Day (polls open 7 AM to 7 PM, voting locations here; find your precinct here), followed by:
  • VICTORY WATCH PARTY -- this will be a HUGE celebration (7 to 11 PM, Lonestar Ballroom [which will be Wi-fi ready], Adam's Mark Hotel downtown, 400 Olive St. at Live Oak, Dallas)


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