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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Yesterday was a triumph for the people, and a defeat for the arrogant and out-of-touch Republican Party which had dominated Dallas County government for the last quarter of a century. Every single one of our local county-wide candidates was elected, most of them defeating incumbent Republicans. Forty-two Democratic Judges will take office in January, along with five new Democratic county-wide administrative officials. They are all listed now on the party web site. You can find their vote totals and percentages here. (And right now, the dozen other Republican Judges that we didn't challenge this year are feeling very lucky to have dodged the tidal wave.)

The victory was made even more sweet by the nastiness of the campaign run against our candidates by the fading local Republican machine. There were robocalls, flyers, doorhangers, mailings and ads that ranged from misleading to downright dishonest (we won a court order to stop one of them). Some of the smears were vicious attempts at hate-mongering. But, just as we made history in 2004 by electing an Hispanic woman Sheriff, we did it again this year by ending the long line of white good old boys with the election of Craig Watkins as District Attorney. On the bench, at the jail, and in the prosecutor's office, the face of criminal justice in this county will now look much more like the people themselves.

What made this sweep of all the contests possible was teamwork. The foundation was the 123,059 people who all just voted straight Democratic Party. That was 53 per cent of all the straight party vote, swamping the Republicans who usually dominate that category, and starting them all out over 16,000 votes down. Our strong campaigners took off running from there. The highest percentage among county-wide races went to one of our two incumbents up this year, Judge Dennise Garcia, who got 54.19 per cent of the total vote. Our highest percentage among non-incumbents went to Mike Snipes, at 53.84%. The highest vote total among local candidates was for Craig Smith, with 203,638.

The flood washing out encrusted Republican misrule was nationwide, with Democrats apparently winning control of both houses of Congress, and voters across the country identifying "corruption" as their first concern. A host of abusive incumbents were thrown out in several states. We also elected hundreds of new state legislators across the country, including several in Texas. In Dallas County, Allen Vaught defeated an incumbent Republican for State Representative in District 107, and several others made impressive showings. They are part of the building next wave, to take back control of our state government in Austin as well.

We've shown this year that the key to that is having a structure in place that can coordinate campaign efforts and enable the diverse energies of Democrats to be effective. To firmly establish, and expand for the future, popular control of our own government, we need ongoing staff and operations. That means money. You can help us reach out for that goal by contributing to the Dallas County Democratic Party or becoming a Sustaining Member. You can easily do this on-line at this page. Think of it as both a celebration of our success, and an investment in tomorrow.


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