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Saturday, November 04, 2006


The rally on Monday, November 6, for our Democraticcandidate for Governor Chris Bell has been moved to a different site. It's still scheduled for from 1 to 2 PM, but now it will be held at the Dallas County Democratic Party's main office near Fair Park. The address is 4209 Parry Avenue at the corner of Parry and Fletcher, between Haskell and Peak, just two blocks south of Interstate 30 and two blocks east of Fair Park.

Chris is bringing his statewide Bell On Wheels Tour to Dallas on its last day. He's been running TV ads pointing out the flaws of the unpopular incumbent (see the latest one here), as well as radio spots featuring Bill Clinton (listen to one at this page.) Come out and help cheer him on at his last event here before the Victory Watch Party on Tuesday night.


Friday, the Dallas County Democratic party won a lawsuit against the local Republicans, who had put out a campaign flyer which clearly violated state law. In listing their various candidates, the door-hanger left readers to believe that several of them were incumbents who were not. This is a misdemeanor under Texas statutes. Unfortunately, they had already put out thousands of the misleading piece, but the court required them to alter it or not distribute any more. They are also subject to damages for their crime.

This is just the latest of several Republican violations of the election code this year, beginning with Tom Delay's attempt to illegally remove his name from the ballot after the deadline. As our party attorney (and former County Chair) Ken Molberg said in September, after defeating their attempt to strike one of our candidates' names off the ballot, "This is the eighth case that Republicans have filed locally this season. It's called litigating their way to election. They have lost every one of them. And all of them have been decided by Republican judges."

Nor is the Republican lawbreaking only occuring here in Dallas. The Texas Democratic Party had to sue (and win, now on appeal) over the state Attorney General's "shamefully abused a technicality in the law to unfairly target minorities and seniors, creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation .... Abbott's voter fraud task force has prosecuted 13 individuals, 12 of which are African American or Hispanic. Most are elderly and female, and all have Democratic voting history." (Read more here.) And their candidate for Supreme Court, seeing that his Democratic opponent Judge Bill Moody had been endorsed by all the major papers, just lied about that.

Nor is this limited to Texas. Nationally, both parties are gearing up for Florida-like battles in court after the election, whoever wins. (Read more
from the NYTimes here.) There is just one good way to stop this kind of nonsense: we need to beat the Republicans by a big enough margin that not even they can claim with a straight face that they didn't lose fairly. So redouble your efforts. Make sure you, and every non-Republican voter you know votes. Be a pest now, so that we can win by so much that we won't have to listen to their nonsense later. Just barely winning isn't enough -- help get a landslide for all of our great Democratic candidates to celebrate Tuesday night at the Adams Mark hotel downtown.


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