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Monday, December 18, 2006

Hatred And Fear Lose Again

On Tuesday, December 12, the special election for Congress in Texas District 23 was won by Democrat Ciro Rodriguez. He got over 54 per cent of the vote and defeated incumbent Republican Henry Bonilla, who had grown desperate enough to run ads accusing him of not standing up to terrorists. This time trying to scare the voters didn't work, partly because of the Republican hate-mongering over immigration. The incumbent had supported building a futile wall on the border.

Even though most of the votes were cast in Bexar County (San Antonio), which Rodriguez carried, he also benefitted from a major shift in votes in counties on the border with Mexico. In 2004 Bonilla carried Maverick County with 59%; this time he lost it 86% to 14%. Read more at Daily Kos. It didn't help the Republicans that one company hired to build the border wall was just
raided for having lots of illegal foreign workers. Also the state Comptroller has just released a report showing the 1.4 million undocumented immigrants in Texas added $17.7 billion to our economy, and paid over 400 million more in taxes than they cost in state services (read about it at Capitol Annex).

The demagogues still haven't learned. One hate-monger of the far right tried to spread more venom against the nation's first-ever elected Muslim Congressman (Democrat Keith Ellison of Minnesota) over taking the oath of office on the Koran instead of the Bible. His revolting pack of lies has been exposed here and here. Not only Muslim groups, but Jewish ones as well have condemned this garbage.

More Precinct Chairs Elected; Spring Campaigns Begin

Last Saturday the DCDP Executive Committee held a quarterly meeting. Besides announcements and introductions, the only business was the filling of eight vacancies for Precinct Chair. Several elected officials were present, including Judge Don Adams, State Representative Terri Hodge, Dallas County School Board ember Larry Duncan, and Dallas City Council member Ed Oakley. New Judge-elect Bill Mazur thanked the activists for all their help in electing our slate of new officials, several of whom attended. Then the meeting adjourned for a celebratory party.

Three of seventeen likely candidates for Mayor of Dallas next spring showed up (one of whom had just announced that morning; others are still pending). Although the city and school board races are officially non-partisan, candidates do seek support (and personal endorsements) from Precinct Chairs and Democratic activists. The party itself does not make endorsements in those elections, but some clubs and organizations do, notably the Stonewall Democrats. The Roundup may mention candidates who are Democrats, but it won't be taking sides either.

More Local Election Analysis

One of the most fascinating pieces I've read yet on the Democratic sweep in Dallas County is by Eric Folkerth, who among other insights give figures for the very good news about the growing number of Democrats in the suburbs. Read it all at "Why Democrats Won in Dallas County". Another report is at the Lone Star Project. And just to show how right the voters were, read about the losing Republican Judges who stayed away from their jobs to sulk at Dallas Blog.

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No Newsletter Next Two Mondays

The DCDP Roundup will be out on Tuesday or Wednesday of each of the next two weeks, because the party office will be closed on those two Mondays for the holidays (and for the Inaugural Lunch!). If you have news for the Roundup those weeks, please email it in no later than those Tuesday mornings. Thanks, and best wishes for the season to everyone.


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