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Monday, January 29, 2007


Stats on the number of click-throughs to Democratic Presidential campaigns from our last issue listing them all show that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were tied among our readers. As it happens, those are also the top two in the national polls. It varies in individual states, with different polls showing Clinton or John Edwards ahead in Iowa -- but that is almost one year away, and a lot can change. Meanwhile, John Kerry has taken himself out of the race, and seems to feel more free to criticize administration idiocy
as a result.

Here in Dallas, potential Obama supporters will be meeting Wednesday of this week, and those interested in Bill Richardson will meet next Tuesday. (See below for details.)

Wednesday, January 31: First Meeting of the Dallas Barack Obama for President Meetup Group; more info at this page (7 to 9 PM, Gloria's Restaurant, 3715 Greenville Ave., Dallas)

Tuesday, February 6: Meet Up for Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico for President. Bruce Rothstein writes "Whether you are already inclined to support him, or just want to find out more, join us for an initial Bill Richardson for President gathering.... We’ll talk about what we can do to help, and expect to receive a phone message from Bill Richardson during the meeting. RSVP by email to bersmr AT or just show up." (6:30 PM, La Madeleine, Preston and Forest --
northeast corner, Dallas)


Molly The Bold:
Molly Ivins hospitalized in her cancer fight
Some of Molly's great lines
How right she was about Iraq

The State of The Union:
Sen. Webb’s Democratic Response
(video and transcript)
Olbermann: A Look Back at Bush’s SoTU Credibility (video)
We don't need another 'speech from the throne' a little history
The Daily Show on SoTU 2007 (video)
Big Oil, Big Brother Win Big in the SOTU (Greg Palast)
A Sorry State new low in Bush polls post-speech
Why we don't like him (and get called "irrational")

Other Tidbits:
Buoyant Democrats hail 'can do' Congress
Life on the Plantation (Bill Moyers - video and transcript)
Bush the Empire Slayer (sharp and hilarious)


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