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Monday, April 16, 2007

In Memory: Dennis Ferguson:

Last week Dennis Raymond Ferguson of Garland passed away. He was the Democratic Chair of Precinct 2107 in Garland. Serving in the Navy in Desert Storm, he was also a member of the Texas Democratic Veterans Association. He is survived by his wife and two daughters. The funeral and burial were in San Antonio, where he was born 48 years ago.

In Memory: Lillian Cooper and Pearlie Jennings:

As today's DCDP Roundup was going to press, we were advised of two other Democratic Precinct Chairs who have also passed away, Pearlie Jennings of 3331 in Pleasant Grove, and long-time chair Lillian Cooper of 3351 in South Dallas. We have no more details at this time.

Getting Set For 2008:

Next year's campaigns will be on us sooner than you think (especially if the legislature moves up the primary date to earlier in the year, as many other states are doing). Besides President, U.S. Senator (Bush's rubber stamp John Cornyn will be up for reelection, and is in trouble in the polls already), Congress and the legislature, we have several local races coming up.

Among Democrats there will be a few incumbents, and some of them have already started their efforts. Judge Lorraine Raggio has just set up a new web site. Judge Don Adams is already out circulating his petitions to get on the primary ballot, and both Judge Adams and Sheriff Lupe Valdez already have place-holder sites on the web ready to be expanded. They will all be targets of vengeful Republicans. Be ready for some more vicious attacks on Democrats.

Presidential Candidates In Dallas:

Vague rumor has it that Senator Barack Obama of Illinois will be here in the near future for a high-dollar fundraiser. One event that we do know he and several others will be here for, probably with more of a chance for the general public to actually see them, is this July. For four days (July 18-21) the Young Democrats will be holding a national convention in Dallas. Already expected to be there are Senator Obama, Senator Hillary Clinton, former Senator John Edwards, and Governor Bill Richardson. More details later as we get them.

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