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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


"PVL - A New Era" is one of several local Democratic organizations in Dallas County. We've been advised that they have made endorsements in the May 12 Dallas City Council elections, as follows:

Mayor - Don Hill
Council Place 2 - Pauline Medrano
Council Place 3 - Linda Wise
Council Place 4 - Gloria Hogg
Council Place 5 - Vonciel Jones Hill
Council Place 7 - Kevin Felder
Council Place 8 - Erik R Wilson
Council Place 14 - no recommendation

We previously linked to the endorsements of two other local Democratic organizations, the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas and the Dallas County Young Democrats. It would be much easier to make a choice if all the local groups agreed in their picks. Unfortunately that is not the case. The only contest that they are all together on is District 2, where all three groups voted to back incumbent Pauline Medrano.
  • While the PVL supports Don Hill for Mayor, both Stonewall and the YDs are for Ed Oakley.
  • In District 3, the PVL is for Linda Wise, but both Stonewall and the YDs are for Joseph Hernandez.
  • There is no agreement at all in District 4, where PVL is for Gloria Hogg, while the YDs are for Dwaine Caraway, and Stonewall heard candidates but decided not to endorse anyone.
  • In District 5, both the PVL and the YDs support Vonciel Jones Hill, but Stonewall is for Camile White.
  • In District 7, both the PVL and Stonewall went with Kevin Felder, but the YDs endorsed Donald Parish.
  • In District 8, PVL and YDs backed Erik R. Wilson, but Stonewall made no endorsement.
  • Both Stonewall and YDs supported Jill Kotvis in District 9, but the PVL made no endorsement.
  • The YDs were the only ones making a choice in District 12, for John McClelland.
  • In District 14 both Stonewall and YDs went with incumbent Angela Hunt, but PVL made no choice.
  • Stonewall was the only group to make an endorsement for the Dallas County School board (for Irby Foster).
Are there any other Democratic groups out there that have made endorsements? Let me know and I'll add them too.


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