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Monday, April 30, 2007

What Does That Amendment Mean?

Also on the May 12 ballot statewide is a proposed state constitutional amendment, which typically is unclear in its meaning. One possible source is the League of Women Voters' Guide. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the pdf document they have posted at this site. It gives arguments for and against. (I urge caution in looking at the statements above that by various candidates about their own races. The League just prints their answers and doesn't check them out, and I know personally some claims made there are just not so.)

KERA TV Interviews Congresswoman Johnson

Our local PBS-TV affiliate, Channel 13, has a program called THINK. Their Krys Boyd interviewed our only local Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Eddie Bernice Johnson, about Iraq and other things going on in Washington. You can watch the video at this site.

State Committee Members Switch Seats

The death of Dallas' Buck Massey last month left a vacancy on the State Democratic Executive Committee, where he had represented the 23rd Senate District. Last week a meeting was held in Dallas of the Precinct Chairs from that district. They recommended as his replacement former Dallas County Chair Ken Molberg. Ken was already a member of the SDEC from the 16th, but just bought a new house and moved to Oak Cliff, putting him in the 23rd.

This opened up Ken's seat from the 16th, so Precinct Chairs from that district met and recommended as his replacement longtime Precinct Chair Shannon Bailey, who already held an ex-officio seat on the SDEC as President of Texas Stonewall Democrats. Stonewall will now have to move someone else up to fill his previous spot on the state committee.

(Shown here are Molberg at left and Bailey at right, with 16th SDEC member and former Dallas County Chair Theresa Daniel. Thanks to Tom Blackwell for the photo.) Over the weekend, when the SDEC met to consider various party business, they ratified these two local choices. So Ken and Shannon are both still on the SDEC; they've just changed the labels at their places. (For boadicea's live-blogging of the SDEC meeting, including State Chair Boyd Richey's report that the "Party raised more money through April than any year since 2000", see this page.)


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