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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Managing Your Precinct I -- a basic training for precinct chairs, precinct captains, and grassroots activists -- is being offered this Saturday, June 2, from 10 AM to 12 Noon, at the Dallas County Democratic Party office (4209 Parry Ave near Fair Park). New precinct chairs are strongly encouraged to attend. Long-time chairs can share their wisdom & experience and mentor new chairs. This training covers:

* Precinct Chair responsibilities
* Organizing, developing and canvassing your precinct
* Building and managing your precinct team
* Holding your precinct convention
* Getting Out The Vote!

We will have notebooks and other materials for you. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE COMING since we can then make up some specific materials for your precinct. RSVP to Tom Harris at 214-769-1696, or email to tsh.web7 AT, or email to elizawally AT

If you are a precinct chair and want to have business cards made up for you, bring $15 (party pays other $15) and you can sign up for them. Also, if you need to be deputized to register voters, we can take care of that at the training.

You are welcome to bring snacks, since we will working hard and may need extra energy. A pot luck training session! Expect to learn a lot and have a great time learning from both the trainers and each other.


At the May quarterly meeting of the Dallas County Democratic Party Executive Committee the Precinct Chairs also divided into State House districts to elect members of the Advisory Committee for the local party. Some of the most heavily Democratic districts got to elect two members, and not every seat was filled at this meeting. As of now (and subject to corrections), here's the list:

District -- Member(s)
100 -- Jean Ball (Alternate -- Camille White)
101 -- Francis Sarmiento (Alternate -- Constance Jahn)
102 -- Robert Book (Alternate -- Janice Schwarz)
103 -- Gregory Allbright (Alternate -- Pamela Riddle)
104 -- Marisela Garrott (Alternate -- Roberto Alonso, Jr.)
105 -- Kim Carroll Limberg (Alternate -- Bobby J. Southwood)
106 -- George Chamberlain (Alternate -- Susan Culp)
107 -- Theresa Daniel (Alternates -- Sally White and Randy Mock)
108 -- Nahum Apodaca (Alternate -- Graciela Aleman)
109 -- Archie Burks (Alternate -- Richard Wayne)
110 -- Mary M. Freeman
111 -- Bayardo Arellano and Shirley Brown (Alternates -- Dorothy Dean and James Hubener)
112 -- Ed Miller (Alternate -- Peggy Henger)
113 -- Lourdes Bugarin
114 -- Rollin F. Gary (Alternate -- David Weiner)
115 -- Paul Heller (Alternate -- David Bradley)


From jobsanger: "We learned yesterday that Texas still produces heros - giants willing to sacrifice personally for the good of all Texans. State Senator Mario Gallegos is just such a man. Senator Gallegos underwent a liver transplant in January, and still has not recovered from the very serious surgery. Last Friday, he underwent more surgery to determine whether the transplant had become infected. ... But on Monday, Gallegos was back in Austin. He has a hospital bed set up in the building where the Senate meets, only a short walk from his senate desk. Risking his own health, he is back to protect the voting rights of all Texans." Read it all at A True Texas Hero. Here's more from the Houston Chronicle, and the Senator's own statement: Why right to vote, without an ID, is worth fighting for.


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