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Monday, August 06, 2007


This appeal for charitable donations came from the Dallas supporters of Senator Barack Obama for President: "Obama Dallas grassroots volunteers are pleased to announce a national virtual food drive effective immediately until August 15, 2007 in honor of Senator Barack Obama's 46th birthday. Your gift will benefit the Member Food Bank or Food Rescue Organizations of the America's Second Harvest Network nearest you to fight hunger right away in your own community. To make your contribution go to"

(Yes, we know that some other campaigns have had social projects of their own, such as former Senator John Edwards organizing a National Poverty Action Day in July, which we didn't announce here. We're not trying to show favoritism to any candidate: we just report such efforts when we're told about them. Moral: if your favorite candidate does something like that, then do what Obama's supporters did -- email us [roundup AT dallasdemocrats DOTorg] and let us know ahead of time.)


The Texas Democratic Party has redone their website, adding a number of features intended to make it more helpful and user friendly, including a new Letters to the Editor section. You can see it at the same address,

(Local Precinct Chair Tom Blackwell reminds us that the address is dot ORG. Be warned that if you type in dot COM, you'll find that the Texas Republican Party cleverly got that other URL to redirect careless searchers to their own reactionary theocratic corporatist propaganda site.)


Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez has had to get active early on next year's campaign efforts, since the Republican good old boys have made it clear she is their prime local target for 2008. Kirk McPike writes "Supporters can sign up for the Sheriff's email list -- to stay up-to-date regarding campaign events and volunteer opportunities -- donate online and learn more about the Sheriff's record of success during her first term in office.Volunteer activities have already begun, and the Sheriff is counting on the support of her Democratic friends as she seeks re-election in 2008. To get involved, visit the Sheriff's website at You can also contact the Sheriff's campaign by email to kirk AT"


Dallas Precinct 2228 Chair Crispin Reedy writes "I have a few extra George Lakoff books and CDs that are taking up space on my shelf that I'd like to get out there and get read by Democrats instead! If anyone would like a copy of "Don't Think of an Elephant" or the DVD "How Democrats and Progressives Can Win: Solutions from George Lakoff", just send me an email with your mailing address to crispin_reedy AT yahoo DOT com."


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