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Friday, August 31, 2007


We Give Texans A Real Choice, While The Republicans Just Embarrass Themselves

This weekend Texas Republicans, trying to cash in on the publicity for early straw polls like Iowa and Illinois, are holding one of their own in Fort Worth. Sadly for them, since the Republican-controlled Texas legislature refused to move up our 2008 Primary dates, this event is being ignored or boycotted by all their leading candidates (citing the usual schedule conflicts, such as the urgent need to reorganize their sock drawers). None of their front-runners will be there. Ron Paul (stuck in single digits in polls), Duncan Hunter (even lower than that), and three total nobodies you've never heard of will be there to face largely empty seats.

But the Democratic Party has stepped forward to rescue Texas voters from this silly spectacle -- and to give us a voice before a majority of all the other states cast ballots starting in January. Starting TODAY Texas Democrats are hosting an online ePrimary. You can cast your vote for your favorite Democratic Presidential candidates from now through September 7. The ongoing results will be posted daily from next Tuesday on. The winner will be announced September 10. For each one running there is a bio on the site and (in some cases) a message from the candidate to Texans.

You can read an AP news story contrasting the two parties' differing approach to empowering the voters this weekend at this page. The home page for the Texas Democratic ePrimary is right here. Click on a candidate's picture to go to a page with more information and a chance to cast your vote for them. And spread the word around, so that everyone can participate.

And Don't Forget Our Labor Day Picnic Monday!!

The fun, food, and politics of the Dallas County Democratic Party's annual Labor Day Picnic will begin at Noon on Monday, Sept. 3, and run until 4 PM, at the Catholic Czech Club, located at 4930 Military Parkway, in east Dallas. Meet your fellow Democrats, office holders, and candidates for public office. This is a free event. Dress is casual. Drinks and fried chicken provided. It's a pot luck dinner, so Bonnie Tillery is looking for volunteers to please bring homemade side dishes or desserts. Please contact Bonnie by email to bj-tillery AT tx.rr DOT com with your item.


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