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Monday, September 10, 2007


The Texas Democratic Party announced today the final results in their first-ever on-line ePrimary, conducted over the internet. The winner was John Edwards, with 37.65%. Second was Barack Obama with 21.37%, followed by Hillary Clinton in third with 20.43%. The full results are at this page.

This was fun, especially considering that so many other states have moved up their real primaries or caucuses, so that the contest will probably be over by the time it gets to Texas next March. However, remember this was not a scientific sampling, like the national polls (which have also identified those three as the top contenders, though most lately show Clinton ahead and Edwards in third).

Only 8101 votes were cast in this, while hundreds of thousands will vote in our real primary. That means that campaigns that are better-organized on the internet had a big advantage in mobilizing their supporters by email and web sites. Bloggers and the media have for months indicated that the Edwards campaign is the most web-savvy of the big three, which is reflected here. That may also explain the surprising result of Dennis Kucinich getting more votes in Texas than the only Hispanic candidate, Bill Richardson.


I told you I probably missed someone in last week's report about the Labor Day Picnic. Thanks to Larry Duncan for reminding me that another candidate present was Heath Harris. I'm even more embarrassed because I spoke to him myself at the event, then had a brain freeze compiling the list.

Harris is one of two people seeking the Democratic nomination for Criminal District Court #3. He doesn't have a web site up yet, but you can read about his work as Dallas County's gang prosecutor in this story. My apologies to Heath, who was one of several candidates that took on the thankless task of running four years ago, when Republicans were still nearly sweeping our local elections.


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