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Monday, September 24, 2007


State Representative Kirk England's switch was welcomed as a positive sign by many Democratic legislators, while the Republicans auditioned to portray "Chutzpah" in the next dictionary:
Dallas County Republican Party Chairman Kenn George on Thursday described Mr. Creuzot and Mr. England as fair-weather politicians. Political opportunists are always trying to figure out which way the wind blows, hoping to save their necks by switching parties," he said.
Someone needs to warn notorious party-switching Republican Governor Rick Perry what his Dallas Chair thinks of him.

England was not the only Republican announcing his switch last week. Judge John Creuzot made his return to the Democratic Party official as well, with a statement at the DCDP office. Creuzot, probably the only Dallas County Judge who has been known to ride to work on a BMW motorcycle, had been appointed to the bench by Texas' last Democratic Governor, Ann Richards, in 1991. When the Republican coattails were sweeping all before them, he joined some other Judges in switching parties. Now he's come back to his first political home.


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