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Monday, September 17, 2007


In linking to the Texas Democratic Party's ePrimary results last week, I indicated that its results showed the level of the candidates' organization on the internet more than actual voter support. Texas Monthly editor Paul Burka also questioned the final ranking, citing three recent Texas polls (and a fourth is mentioned in the Comments). These show Clinton in first with percentages of 41, 33, 42, and 37; Obama in second at 20, 21, 24, and 18; Edwards in third at 12, 10, 12, and 15; and Richardson (only in the last of the four) in fourth place at 9. Those are broadly representative of the nationwide figures as well. Always take on-line polls with a grain of salt. Of course, it is still a long way to the first caucus or primary, and all of this could change drastically by then. (You can see the figures Burka cites at this page.)


It is one more sign of how large the crowd was at the DCDP's Labor Day Picnic that I am still hearing from elected officials and candidates who were there, but didn't get spotted by me for the Roundup's listing. Those include State Representatives Roberto Alonzo and Helen Giddings, and candidate Hiram McBeth, who intends to challenge incumbent Judge John Cruezot in the Democratic Primary for Dallas County Criminal District Court No. 4.


This is a good kind of problem to have. Now that Democrats are winning Dallas County, we are going to face several possible Primary contests for our nomination next year. Statewide those races include President (of course that may be settled by the time the primary circle gets to Texas), U.S. Senator, and a seat on the state Supreme Court where two women are challenging the same incumbent. Locally we may have contests for Sheriff, Tax-Assessor Collector, County Commissioner, and for at least two judgeships.

As always the DCDP Weekly Roundup will not make endorsements in primary fights. Precinct Chairs, State Committee members, former party officials (like me), and any Democratic voter out there is perfectly free to openly support any primary candidate they want (and I will -- but not in the Roundup). Some voters even look forward to hearing their own Precinct Chair's picks for the nomination (though they may not always follow the advice).

Another thing the Roundup will not do is pass on attacks by primary candidates against each other. Let's have a clean fight, because that makes it easier for all of us to support the winner against the Republicans in November. And remember the old saying: Democrats are like cats -- you may hear them squalling all night, but the next day there are still more Democrats.


"The People Empowerment Project [founded by former State Representative Harryette Ehrhardt] is in need of volunteers to help us conduct leadership camps and student council elections in Dallas and Lancaster public schools. Call Suzanne Hickman at 214-824-3107 or email her at volunteer AT governmentbelongstous DOT org if you would like to help."

The Dallas County Domestic Violence Awareness Coalition is sponsoring a Candle Light Vigil, Celebrating the Survivors and Remembering the Victims of Domestic Violence, next Monday, September 24, at 7 PM, at the Dallas Women's Museum, 3800 Parry Ave., Dallas.

There will be a Community Meeting at Easgate Missionary Baptist Church, 6960 South Polk, Dallas, next Saturday, September 22, from 9 to 10:30 AM, with Dallas Councilwoman Angela Hunt "to discuss the reasons why there should not be a Trinity River toll road".


Sunday, October 7:
  • Democratic Grassroots Coalition Music Festival with U.S. Representative Nick Lampson, several bands (Twice as Nice, the Susan B. Taylor Band, Thom Brownlee Jr. & The Jazz Ensemble, and The Ackermans), the Dallas Jugglers roaming the park, and local crafts vendors selling their goods and food (Noon to 8 PM, Flag Pole Hill, 8700 East Northwest Highway - near its intersection with Buckner, Dallas)
Friday, October 19:
  • Dallas County Democratic Party Annual Fish Fry (at SOKOL, at the southeast corner of Walnut Hill and Greenville, Dallas; for more info call the DCDP 214-821-8331)
Saturday, October 20:
  • Texas Democratic Women of Collin County 1st Annual Dinner: Countdown to Change, with Keynote Speaker Mary Mapes, Peabody Award-winning CBS News Producer who broke the Abu Ghraib and Bush National Guard stories; for more info or to pay on-line see this page. (6:30 PM, Southfork Ranch, 3700 Hogge Road, Parker, TX)
Sunday, October 27:
  • Lake Highlands White Rock Democrats Annual Chili Supper (6:30 to 9:30 PM, Dallas; for more info call Billie Whitney 214-341-0357)


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