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Monday, October 22, 2007

Early Voting Starts Today!

Monday, October 22, is the first day you can vote early in person for the state Constitutional Amendments. You can find the places and times here. If you don't vote early, you can still vote on Tuesday, November 6, but on that day you'll have to vote at your regular precinct polling place (which you can find on line, searching by either your name or your street address, at this page). The information about those 16 proposed Amendments is in a short pdf from the League of Women Voters, or a very long one from the TLC.

In Dallas, there will also be a vote on the Trinity. This is set up in a confusing manner: a vote "Yes" is a vote against a big tollroad in the flood plain park (see Trinity Vote), while a vote "No" is in favor of going ahead and building it (their site is at Save The Trinity). The DCDP has not taken an official position on this, and there are some Democrats on both sides. We simply urge you to be sure you are not confused about which way you really want to vote.

NOTE: I'll add here what I didn't put on this post when I sent it out in today's DCDP Roundup -- I'm voting "Yes". I remember how we voted down the original DART proposal, and they came back later with a much better one. On this project the voters bought the pie-over-the-river descriptions and passed this proposal -- and the council proceeded to change it for the worse. You need to slap those politicians' heads with a stick before they'll pay attention to you. A vote "Yes" is what they have earned for the unbelievable gross lies they have been spinning on this one.


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