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Monday, October 01, 2007


One of our 2006 candidates for State Representative, Harriet Miller, is used as the lead example in a story about politically-motivated groundless accusations of "voter fraud", in a story in the magazine of the League of Women Voters. They report how her Republican opponent hurled charges against her, got a story in the news and then heralded that she was under investigation. "Never mind the fact that charges were not brought against Miller. The damage had been done; Harriet Miller became the latest victim of the politics of voter fraud."

They go on to describe how this con game works across the country. "When it comes to claims of voter fraud and the accompanying solutions to the "problem," Americans need to adopt some good advice from the marketplace: buyer beware. Purveyors of voter fraud allegations deserve all the suspicion Americans normally reserve for used car
salesmen. ... Closer scrutiny might well reveal that the real perpetrators of voter fraud are the ones making the claims."

The article did make a mistake in saying that Miller was running in Harris County instead of Dallas, but the rest is right on target. You can read the whole article as a pdf at this page. The League is not the only one sounding the alarm. You can watch a video of reporter Greg Palast talking with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about the mechanics of election fraud, and Karl Rove, at this site. And there's more from Palast on Rove, Gonzales, and election fraud in another video at this page.


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