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Monday, October 01, 2007


When organizations grow they find that effective operation requires more than just one-person control. If they don't change to accommodate growth, they suffocate themselves. The Dallas County Democratic Party recently faced this wonderful problem to have, and now is operating with many committees subdividing the tasks for election success. Last year's results showed that the volunteers participating are helping a lot. (You can find out which committees we have, and volunteer for one at 214-821-8331.)

Now the Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus has confronted the same growing pains. Originally organized on a strongly centralized basis, it has now found that bigness needs more bureaucracy -- a belittled term for a vital tool to handle increased numbers without breaking apart. On Sunday the Texas Stonewall Democrats met in Austin and substantially revised their Bylaws. The changes, including less centralization, more direction by the Executive Board, more and expanded committees to handle Caucus business, and provisions to better protect the organization internally, should help prepare them for a growing role in the forthcoming Democratic majority in Texas.

(The TSDC doesn't have its own website yet, but I was Parliamentarian for the meeting, and I'll try to post a summary of the changes later this week here at my own website.)


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