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Monday, November 12, 2007

Taking Care Of Dallas

Last week Congress passed the first override of a veto by President George W. Bush, enacting a $23 billion Water Resources Development Act. This was was authored by Dallas' Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson and originated in the Water Resources and Development Subcommittee, which she chairs. One project, written into the bill by her, is to bolster the Trinity River Corridor. The $298 million authorization includes:
  • Levee raises / stabilization for additional flood protection for downtown Dallas;
  • Bridge modifications for additional flood protection and river meandering;
  • 90-acre and a 60-acre flood conveyance lakes that will contribute to flood control, environmental restoration, and recreation;
  • Lake recharge system that will provide a reuse of wastewater treated discharge for water quality and recreation purposes;
  • Over 500 acres of new wetlands within the Dallas Floodway;
  • Trinity River meandering and riparian habitat to replace a previously straightened river channel; and
  • Improvements to the interior drainage system of pumping plants, flood storage areas (sumps), and storm water pressure sewers.


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